Angelina Sondakh Plans To Go Umrah Angelina Sondakh Plans To Go Umrah

Angelina Sondakh Plans To Go Umrah – Nowadays, many people are trying to be able to worship in Mecca by bringing many families and being able to worship together. Angelina Sondakh has lived a pure free life. The reason is, this former member of the DPR has finished his leave before being released (CMB) at the Class I Correctional Center (Bapas) South Jakarta, on Wednesday (1/6/2022).

The status of the former Democrat Party politician is now officially free. After undergoing CMB, the wife of the late Adjie Massaid already has several plans. Starting from performing Umrah, returning to their hometown, to releasing a new album.

“The plan is for sure to go back to hometown. We had already registered for Umrah. Well, we happened to get the schedule after I returned home. So first, I went to Manado for a few weeks. After that, we got ready for Umrah, then we took the work that we had scheduled. . Because there are jobs outside the city. Including several album releases, single releases,” said Angelina Sondakh, in a written statement, Wednesday (1/6/2022).

As previously known, Angelina Sondakh is currently undergoing a social reintegration process through Leave Towards Free (CMB) for the last three months, starting on March 3, 2022 and ending on June 1, 2022.

During the CMB, Angelina Sondakh received direct supervision from the South Jakarta Social Advisory Officer (PK) and was obliged to carry out her self-report obligations every two weeks.

“I was told that after coaching at the prison, you will receive guidance from the Fathers. This means that the Fathers will monitor your outside work activities, continue to provide input. But it’s true. Because of my PK, Pak Fajar also always (asks) , how are there obstacles? Is there distrust from the community? That’s always asked, “said Angelina Sondakh.

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“And if there is, a solution will definitely be given. So I feel that the coaching really doesn’t end at the prison, but in these three months I feel that the Fathers have also provided extraordinary guidance,” added Angelina Sondakh.

In addition to being required to report to the South Jakarta Regional Police every two weeks, Angelina Sondakh is not allowed to leave the city or abroad without permission during the CMB period. Meanwhile, if these provisions are violated and CMB is revoked, the consequence is that while outside the prison (CMB) it is not counted as serving a criminal period.

“Indeed, Allah is Good. So I managed it, I finished CMB (Leave Towards Free), Keanu also finished school, meaning he was on vacation. So sometimes when I come back I think, Subhanallah walhamdulillah wa la haula quwwata illa billah. God arranged it very precisely. After all, if I don’t CMB, I can’t go anywhere because Keanu hasn’t had a day off.

“Well, on June 1, I finished (CMB), in June Keanu also had a holiday from school. It turns out that God planned for me, so I have been CMB for 3 months, collecting a little money. So I can’t go back to Manado, I haven’t can go on umrah with Keanu. It turns out that in those 3 months, thank God, jobs were flooded. So if you are ex-convicts, don’t worry, the sustenance will not go anywhere,” added Angelina Sondakh.